Despite the improvements in surgical technique for vasectomy over the years, up until now men have still had to endure a painful needle injection into the scrotum for local anaesthetic prior to the procedure. For most men this is the most daunting part of the whole experience.

As of 2017, Dr Beckett has trained and adopted the “No-Needle” method for local anaesthetic application which was pioneered in the United States, and is considerably less uncomfortable than needle injection for patients.

Beaumaris Vasectomy Clinic is now one of the few vasectomy providers within Australia offering “No-Needle” anaesthesia.

This technique uses a high-pressured spray of local anaesthetic which numbs the scrotal skin and cord beneath, and works almost instantly. This has resulted in an even quicker, less invasive, and more pain-free procedure than before.

While also being much more comfortable for patients, this method is also safer as it reduces the incidence of bleeding and bruising which is more common with needle injections.

This method is suitable for about 99% of patients. There are a small minority that may still require traditional needle-based anaesthesia in cases where there has been past trauma or surgery to the scrotal area, or rare anatomical variations in patients.